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DuckMe launched on 04/20

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Presale is over.


We are monitoring transactions to the presale wallet on excel file which will be published after the presale is over.

50% of presale funds will be used to create liquidity pool (LP) and the rest will be used for pulling more duckers in.


In the quiet of space, Pepe the Frog was floating along in his little green rocket when suddenly, his fuel ran out. Stranded and worried, Pepe’s day got a whole lot brighter when a shiny golden egg appeared out of nowhere. He took the egg into his rocket, and not long after at 4:20, it hatched into a cool-looking duck, 'Duuuuck Me' Pepe said. DuckMe was no ordinary duck; it was special and full of energy. Pepe knew this little duck could help him. So, he placed DuckMe on top of the rocket, and guess what? The rocket came back to life, ready to go farther than ever before. With a loud whoosh, they zipped through space, heading straight for the moon, all thanks to the magic of the golden egg and the DuckMe special power. It was an adventure they’d never forget!


We are monitoring transactions to the presale wallet on excel file.
$DuckMe will be distributed after the presale is over.



29.58% PRESALE

0.42% extra for 420 top contributers

50% LP

10% DuckMe video game

5.8% Develop Team

4.2% Airdrop

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$DUCKME is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. The coin is completely useless and for entertainment purposes only.
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